Rent Fans Give Back

The Idea

Over the course of its thirteen year run as a Broadway and touring show, the musical Rent by Jonathan Larson has touched the lives of many people across the world. To some, Rent represents an afternoon's entertainment at the theater or something to sing along with in the car. For others, it means making new friends waiting in the rush line or exposure to new ideas and types of people. Still others cite Rent as a life-changing experience and continue to revisit the show and live by its messages. What has Rent given you? Would you like an opportunity to give something back?

With Rent closing on Broadway last year and the current tour ending in January, Alyssa, one of the Project Coordinators, thought this would be an excellent time to thank the people involved in Rent for the years of enjoyment the music and performances had given her and to provide an opportunity for everyone who has enjoyed Rent--from rentheads to more casual fans-- to "give back" to the musical by raising money for a Rent-related non-profit that addresses some of the real world issues depicted in the show.

What is Rent Fans Give Back?

The Rent Fans Give Back project is a fund raising project devoted to raising money for Rent-related charity Friends In Deed in honor of the current touring Rent cast. Friends In Deed, is a New York non-profit organization devoted to providing support to individuals facing life-threatening illnesses. For more details about why the coordinators of the project, Alyssa and Aranka, chose Friends in Deed, please visit our Friends In Deed page.

To donate to the project, please visit our How to Contribute page. It's quick, easy, and secure and donations will go directly to Friends In Deed. Please give whatever you can by January 26, 2010. We realize these are difficult economic times for many people, but even small donations can make a big difference when many people donate. Rent fans are passionate and numerous--together we can use our love for the show to raise a large amount of money for a wonderful organization and actively address some of the real world issues that Mr. Larson depicts Rent.

Friends In Deed staff members will track fan donation totals and our grand total (along with a list of donors) will be presented to the touring cast at their stop in Madison, WI in January 2010 as a final cast gift from Rent fans worldwide. (The total will be presented in Madison even if a tour extension occurs.) We think this project is a fitting tribute to everyone involved in the show throughout the years and something that the current cast would really appreciate as a cast gift.